December 06, 2006

Like a Glacial Stream.

I almost forgot it is Beer Wednesday! Thatís the second most unforgivable sin I could have done. The first being actually forgetting it is Beer Wednesday! Let me start off by saying that Iím ready to finish these Tommyknocker beers so I can get onto something completely different. Yes, all the beers have a different flavor to them, but they are pretty similar in quality. That being said, tonightís beer is the Tommyknocker Alpine Glacier Lager.

Alpine Glacier Lager 001.jpg

Once again we have the traditional brown bottle with front and back labels. The front has one oí the Tommyknocker elves climbing a glacier as a ram looks on. The back label has a brief description of the beer and the history of Tommyknockers as well as a dating system. This beer will go bad on December 9, 2006. Boy, Iím cutting this cone close arenít I?

Upon pouring into a glass the first thing I noticed is that this lager actually has cloudiness to it. Light passes through its golden yellow body, but you canít clearly see whatís on the other side. The head is very thin and turns filmy after a couple of minutes. There actually is some lacing on the side of the glass.

I could smell an enticing combination of corn and other grains. There is a hint of sweetness to it that comes from the malts used in the brew. With a hint of sweet malts, the flavor is that of various grains. The flavor fades into a very mild grassy aftertaste that surprisingly isnít unpleasant.

Like most of the other beers made by Tommyknocker, it is a light bodied beer that is very smooth to drink. The 12 ounces disappeared before I got to the second paragraph. There is a good level of carbonation. The feel off this beer is veryÖ inoffensive.

I may be ranking this beer a little harsh because Iím not in the mood for this type of beer, but Iím going to give it a 5 out of 10.

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