February 14, 2007


This weeks beer is Sundog Amber ale by the New Holland Brewing company of Michigan. Yea, I didnít know Michigan made beer either. Yes, that was a joke, feel free to laugh.

Sundog 001.jpg

We have our standard 12 oz brown bottle with a orange and black label showing the sillouette of a dog in the setting sun. The label states, ďDelicious beer delivered with painstaking consistency, thatís our philosophy. Weíll give you a while to drink it in.Ē Well, if you drink anything like I do, this beer wonít last a while.

There is a nice dark amber color with some red to it. When poured into a glass there is a good quarter inch white head with nice thick bubbles. The head is long lasting and leaves a good lacing on the side of the glass.

To the nose one gets an inviting scent of malts with a nice hop accent. There is a touch of pine to the scent that makes this beer appealing. It has a lightly toasted malt and spicy hop flavor to it. There is a bitterness to it, itís almost as bitter as an IPA. The bitterness isnít overpowering and has a nice tang on the tongue. There is a slightly bitter aftertaste to it that fades quickly.

This is a medium bodies beer with a slightly creamy mouth-feel to it. There is just the right amount of carbonation to really open up the flavor, but not overpower the beer.

Iím going to give this a 6 out of 10.

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Sounds nummy!

My hubby brought home some Moose Drool the other night. It's a beer we used to have all of the time when we lived in MT - might make for a good review. :-)

Posted by: Richmond at February 15, 2007 08:07 AM