February 20, 2007

Weekend Weirdness.

What a weird and interesting weekend. First Ktreva brings me a bottle of Jack Daniels. Only two weeks AFTER I voluntarily cut back my drinking because she was concerned about it. She said I was doing good and deserved a reward. That was on Friday night.

Saturday I went shooting with a work friend of mine Bob. We went to a local gun shop that has an indoor range. He just wanted to get some practice in with his 9 and didnít want to shoot alone. Hell, I wasnít about to pass up a chance to get some quality time in with my .45. The range is okay, itís indoor and a little cramped, but itís better then nothing, and it is with in 15 minutes of my house.

After shooting we went to Old Chicago where I ended up getting in a ďdebateĒ with the bartender and some of the patrons over the quality of, or lack there of, Winterís Bourbon Cask Ale. They thought it was good, I thought they were idiots. In the end I had them convinced that most things made by Anheuser-Busch is crap.

I was home at a decent time and was watching some TV when my buddy Wes of Bodhran Roll Please came over and kidnapped me. Allegedly he was in dire need of a night out on the town and I was to go with. First we hit Hooters for some much needed Hot Wings and Beer. Afterwards we hit a local exotic dancer bar. I refuse to call it a strip club, because there is no nudityÖ nor striping. We did get to school a girl who was on her first week of dancing. Trust me, you could tell she had no enthusiasm for it.

Sunday I went over to my friend J-manís house to watch the Daytona 500 while Ktreva was at a Baby Shower from Hell. Okay, I donít like Nascar. Iím not fond of watching races. Why did I go? For the best of all reasons, he really gets into it. And itís fun to watch his reactions. That and we grilled steaks. Grilled meat in February will get me to brave even Nascar. Since I didnít really know any of the drivers and I donít follow it, J-man told me I had to root for the number 07 car, because it was sponsored by Jack Daniels. He is a Dale Jr. fan. I refuse to root for him just because it seems everyone else in the world does and he seems to crash a lot. Sure heís consistent, but so is him needing a new car. Before the race I made multiple comments about Dale crashing.

When it got down to the last 4 laps and Dale hadnít crashed yet, I made the comment, ďWell it looks like Dale isnít going toÖĒ BAM! A Huge crash that takes out a chunk of the racers, including Dale. Iím not exactly sure what J-man was yelling at me because I was too busy laughing. I do know he blamed me for the wreck, something about me being a Jinx and using the Bears for a reference.

The coolest thing was that on the very last lap there was one more crash, and the Jack Daniels car slid across the finish line on itís roof and on fire. Seriously, I think he should have gotten extra points in the Nascar standings for that finish. After the race, I just came home.

Itís strange; I had originally planned on a plain uneventful weekend and actually ended up having a lot of fun. I wonder if the same will happen next weekend. All Iím planning on doing is going to a gun show.

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Yeeaah, she had a look of disinterested boredom that says, "This is my *second* job" - not good if you want tips, I'd guess.

But what the hell, we had a good time. :-)

Posted by: Wes at February 21, 2007 07:13 AM

You weren't rubbing your cursed nipples again, were you?

Posted by: Graumagus at February 21, 2007 11:55 AM