March 05, 2007


I found this MEME and decided just to do it. I was bored.

What's your favorite song by...

The Beatles?
uh, to be honest I donít like the Beatles

The Rolling Stones?
Donít really like them either.

Frank Sinatra?
uhÖ this is going to be a long meme.

Elvis Presley?
Heartbreak Hotel

Bob Dylan?
ahemÖ yeah, donít like him

The Who?
Who Are you? Itís because of this song I started watching CSI

Led Zeppelin?
Immigrant Song

Johnny Cash?
Ring of Fire

Love in an Elevator

Elton John?
Tiny Dancer

Any Motown act from the 60's?
hehe, uhÖ sorry.

James Brown?
Itís a Manís World

The Eagles?
Hotel California (Yea, I know)

Fleetwood Mac?
LandslideÖ because of Ktreva.

The Carpenters?
Anything that they do that involves power toolsÖ what? What other kind of Carpenters are there? Oh, hehe, sorry donít know them.

Billy Joel?
Uptown Girl

Michael Jackson or the Jackson 5?

The Ramones?
I Wanna Be Sedated.

The only thing worse then the Irish are psuedo hippy Irish.

Lou Reed or the Velvet Underground?
UhÖ Is this one a joke?

The Stooges or Iggy Pop?
Not a fan at all.

Stevie Wonder?
I just called to say I love you

Hank Williams (Sr.)?
Donít like me the Country music that much.

Hall & Oates?
UhhhÖ Iím not familiar enough with them to list anything.

Madonna Sucks

Janet Jackson?
Janet Jackson Sucks even more.

Black Sabbath or Ozzy?
I have to pick one? No More TearsÖ for personal reasons.

Alice Cooper?

Bob Marley?
Really, does anyone actually have a favorite song of his?

Any rap artist?
ICE ICE BABY! By Rob VanWinkleÖ AKA The Vanilla ICE!

The best thing that happened to this band was Cobain taking a dirt nap.

Foo Fighters?
Best of You.

Neil Young?
Not a fan.

The Cure?
Sorry, I like life.

The Smiths?
Well, they have a nice care, but Iím not supposed to compete with the Smiths next door.

Talking Heads?
Once in a Lifetime.

The Flaming Lips?
Seriously, someone is joking right?

Sonic Youth?
Itís been over 10 years since Iíve heard anything from them.

Itís the end of the world as we know it (And I feel fine)Ö

Liz Phair?


The White Stripes?
Seven Nation Army

Neutral Milk Hotel?
This one has to be made up.

Since I did this one voluntarily, Iím tagging no one. However, if you do decide to give it a shot, let me know. Iíll give ya some love.

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