March 12, 2007

All good things end.

Well I went to school with Clone, I PASSED! I was able to count to ten, knew all of my colors, and didn’t get any of my shapes wrong! I are smart. It was interesting to see how he interacted with the other kids. We arrived a little early and were waiting out front with the other parents. I knew something was wrong right away.

First as we were standing outside all the kids were running around playing in the mud, except Clone. As other Fathers were yelling at their kids to get on the sidewalks and behave, I was standing there holding Clone’s hand. This is not like my son. Any chance to run around and play in snow or mud; Clone would be all over that in a heartbeat. If other kids are doing it, there is no stopping him. Except Saturday, no he was a perfect well-behaved angel.

When we get into the classroom the other kids are running around and yelling. The teachers are trying to get everyone settled down so they could start their program. Clone takes my hand and leads me to his spot. We sit and wait for the others. One of the other dad’s says to me, “He is the best behaved child I’ve ever seen.” I could only reply with, “Thanks, I’m just wondering what my wife did to him, because he’s not normally like this.”

Then during the “play time” he was well mannered, waited for other to take their turn before he did, didn’t take any of the toys away from the other kids or anything like that. Again, it was typically uncharacteristic of my boy. Then after class he helped other kids get their coats on. He was so charming and pleasant; I wanted to know what overcame my genetics.

After class we had some errands to run, we needed to do some shopping. Again he was the perfect child, not getting into anything. Not running around and screaming, not touching things he shouldn’t. I was starting to wonder if he was sick. It was after noon by the time we finished, and I decided to that since he was being so well behaved that I’d take him and Ktreva out for lunch.

We ended up going to Der Rathskeller, a local German Restaurant that has really good food. It had been a long time since I’d eaten there and Ktreva never had. That was when the good behavior ended. All I have to say is that Clone, Sauerkraut, a frankfurter, mustard in a squeeze bottle and a fork is not a good combination. That's more like MY child.

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The question isn't "why was Clone so well-behaved?", the question is "who slipped you the answers to those tests? :-D

Posted by: Harvey at March 12, 2007 08:16 PM