May 25, 2007

One last chance.

This weekend is the Fort Koshkonong re-enactment in Fort Atkinson. We are heading out to the event after the Raptors game Friday night. So we wonít get there until late at night, probably close to midnight. Thatís not big deal; we are used to setting up in the dark. Plus its better then trying to get up early and get up there on Saturday morning.

This very well may be the last year that I do this event. After last year's trying to get registered fiasco, the fact itís poorly run and the event is slowly dying, I just donít know if itís worth doing any more. The fact that it is dying is really what is weighing heavily on me. The main reason I do this event is to hang with friends and to shoot. Every year fewer and fewer of the vendors show up and most of my friends arenít going. In fact this year from what I can tell the only friend I know for sure is going is one I see on a regular basis, and one of them is riding up with me!

It seems that none of the River Scum are going to make it, and from what I hear Will and Red arenít going to be thereÖ although I donít have first hand knowledge of that since they wonít return my e-mails. But Iíve heard through the grapevine they wonít be there and they arenít responding to anyoneís e-mails. At the visitation last week, I spoke with others that usually attend this event, and they all said they werenít going.

So Iím going to give this event another shot, see what happens, but it just might be falling off our schedule for next year.

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