June 06, 2007

Krusovice Cerne

Last week when Kteva picked out the beer, she bought a second by the same company, but a different style. This week Iíll be reviewing Krusovice Cerne from the Czech Republic.


It also comes in a 1 pint .9 fluid oz brown bottle, with gold foil at the neck. The label black with the name of the beer in a red square. This time I can see the other writing on the label, unfortunately itís not in English so I have no idea what it says.

It has a nice dark garnet coloring to it. It appears to be clear, but itís dark enough that you canít see through to the other side of the glass. Light does pass through, but with some difficulty.

There is a nice scent that reminds me of aged firewood. Itís a combination of roasted nuts with chocolate and coffee malts. The smell is very tantalizing. The flavor is of roasted chocolate malts with a nice hop finish. Itís not too bitter, but enough to enhance the flavor. The aftertaste is pleasant and doesnít linger.

The body is thin and a bit watery. For as dark as it is, I would have though it would have been a bit thicker or at least leave a nice coating in the mouth. It is also a bit heavy on the carbonation.

The flavor and scent are nice, I could see myself drinking this on a cool spring evening or even late in the fall while sitting on the porch. Itís not too heavy, so it doesnít sit on the stomach. Itís a 5.5 out of 10.

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