August 24, 2007


I finally found something other than water that I can drink. A diet cranberry juice that is made with sucralose instead of aspertame. Normally I'd say it tastes like watered down cranberry juice. But since I've had only water to drink (besides the two beers from the beer review), it tastes GREAT!

Now if I could only get Ktreva to let me add Vodka to it.

Posted by Contagion in Stories about me. at August 24, 2007 06:21 PM | TrackBack

Yay vodka! Only no.... you have to take care of yourself. Hang in there!

Posted by: Richmond at August 24, 2007 07:11 PM

Cranberry, good.

Diuretic, good.

No problem.

Posted by: That 1 Guy at August 24, 2007 11:59 PM

Not Vodka ... add Orange Rum or even Orange Vodka I guess.

It's one of my favorite drinks right now, Cranberry juice and orange alcohol. Yummy, yum yum yum!

Posted by: Quality Weenie at August 25, 2007 11:49 AM