September 07, 2007

Go Fred Go!

For those of you that havenít heard, Fred Thompson declared he is running for the U.S. top job, President of the United States. Since he is the first candidate in years that not only I like, but I also agree with on a majority of the topics, Iím going to help with some local campaigning.

One of the things Iíve done was put up a donation button for his campaign. Not that I think Iím going to drive a lot of donations his way, but I figure it couldnít hurt.

Right now Iím just excited by the fact that I actually have a candidate that I like and will support. In years past I ended up debating on which candidate was the greater evil and actually ended up not voting for one person, but against the other.

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I'm with ya, man!

I'd love to help with the campaign. Unfortunately my screwed up life schedule means that unless they want to start a drive at 3am, I'm pretty much useless...

Posted by: Graumagus at September 7, 2007 01:39 PM