October 29, 2007

Best Zombie Movies.

Halloween is just a couple of nights away and Iíve actually received a couple of e-mails from people asking me what would be a good zombie movie to watch. Well, I am nothing if not helpful, so here is a list of what I think are some of the best zombie movies ever.

Night of the Living Dead. The original 1968 version and the 1990 remake are both good. "They're coming to get you Barbara!"

Dawn of the Dead. I think the 1978 original is better, but the 2004 remake is still good.(even if the zombies run.)

Day of the Dead. Do not get Day of the Dead 2, Contagium. Itís not work watching.

Land of the Dead. Not the best of Romeroís work, but still good.

Return of the Living Dead. Okay the zombies are about impossible to kill, but itís a damn funny series. Iíve seen 1-5 and enjoyed all of them. Especially if you are looking for boobs to go with your blood.

28 Days Later. Sure they arenít real zombies, but itís still a good movie.

28 weeks later. See above, only add the fact that itís a respectable sequal.

Brain Dead (AKA Dead Alive in the US). See Peter Jacksonís Genius before he did the Lord of the Rings.

Evil Dead Trilogy (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness) Okay, itís not really a zombie movie, but they have zombies in it and Bruce Campbell is a god.

Resident Evil series: All three in the series are good. Again these arenít real zombies, but who cares when you Milla Jovovich running around killing zombies.

Undead: Okay, this is an Aussie cheesy zombie movie, all I have to say is ďzombie fishĒ

Re-Animator. Itís based on an HP Lovecraft story, and shows how doctors and scientists are the root of zombie outbreaks.

Zombi 2 (Aka Zombie in the US). This is the film by Lucio Fulci that features a fight between a shark and itís only natural predator, the zombie.

King of the Zombies. Really this is a zombie movie oldie from 1941.

Shaun of the Dead. Okay, itís a zomedy, (Zombie + Comedy), but itís still fun to watch. Heck even Clone loves watching this one.

There you have it, what some of my favorite Zombie movies are. There are a lot others that I really like, but if I was going to fill a day with zombie movies, it would be these. Sadly I only own a couple of them on DVD. (Hint Ktreva, Hint).

Posted by Contagion in Zombies at October 29, 2007 06:01 PM | TrackBack

I've only seen a couple of the Resident Evil, but Milla... I mean... they were damn good. Dawn of the Dead? I like the Jesse Owens zombies a little better. And the Evil Dead flicks? You're absolutely correct. Mr. Campbell is a god, and those movies are awesome!

Oh, yeah... Shaun of the Dead is an easy favorite.

Posted by: That 1 Guy at October 29, 2007 08:13 PM

... I beg to disagree, sir... there is no such thing as a 'good' zombie movie..... there just isnt.....

Posted by: Eric at November 2, 2007 07:39 AM