November 03, 2007

Tales from the Far Side.

I know Halloween is over, but I found these and I have to share them. When I was in High School I discovered The Far Side by Gary Larson. I instantly loved the humor in it. From that time forward I would get the day by day calender he made until he retired and stopped making them. He started up the day to day calendar again, but with no new comics in it. Back in 1994 (Not the 20 years that the clips state) he came up with an animated Halloween special, Tales From the Far Side. As far as I know it only aired once. It's a collection of animated shorts based on some of his comics and other idea's he's had. In the third one it contains my favorite short from the series, "How aliens disguised as cowboys in the old west." To this day I still make references to this short around the campfire.

I have them listed in the order they were shown in the show, not in the order whoever uploaded them labeled them as.

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