November 14, 2007

Eliot Ness

Geez, I donít do a beer review in two weeks and Shadoglare decides heís going to take over for me. Iím just kidding, itís nice to see others taking an appreciation of beer. Tonight Iím going to be reviewing Eliot Ness by the Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland, OH.

eliot ness.jpg

Again we have the standard 12 oz brown bottle. It has a shadowy picture of what appears to be a man standing at a beer drinking a beer in the 20s. I doubt this was Ness as he was the big prohibition enforcer in Chicago. Then again after 1933 when prohibition was lifted he did move to Cleveland as the director of public safety and according the Great Lakes Brewing Company, he was a frequent visitor of their brewpubÖ so maybe it is. Also on the label is a brief description of the beer, including the fact that Ness frequented their bar. It also states that it has 6.3% Alcohol by Volume.

There is a nice dark copper coloring to the beer with a touch of amber. It poured a thin tan head that quickly faded into a film on the top. There is no lacing at all on the side of the glass.

Your standard lager scent is present. A strong malt aroma with a slight hint of hops. Itís not very complex, yet at the same time it is appealing. The flavor isnít much more complex. There is a nice malty flavor with roasted grains and a grassy accent. A slight citrus hop flavor is also present. The aftertaste is a little bitter, but it doesnít last very long.

This is a light bodied beer. There is a normal level of carbonation to it and it is pretty easy to drink. It doesnít sit heavy and would probably go well with a sandwich.

I thought this was a pretty good beer. Itís nothing too fancy, but itís not bad. I donít know if I would go out of my way to buy it, but I definitely would drink it if one was given to me or if I saw a six-pack at the store. I give it a 5 out of 10.

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