November 16, 2007

New furniture.

I had to buy a new addition to the house yesterday. With a little toy I brought back from Georgia, my firearm collection leaped to the count of 18. That includes black powder in case you are wondering. Well Ktreva was starting to get nervous about it. I normally kept them secured in cases under the bed. The ammo was locked away in boxes with me having the only key.

So I went out and bought a gun safe. It's not a huge one, but big enough to hold all the ammo and firearms in it. The problem is that it's still pretty big and takes up a lot of room. I ended up having to put it in the hall way, which is the only place it would fit. I don't think Ktreva is too pleased with the location, but she's just happier now that we have a proper safe instead of series of locked cases.

What's the new toy I brought back from Georgia? I'm not telling. It's a surprise. Plus I just don't want documentation that I have it.

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