November 28, 2007


Again tonight’s beer is sponsored by Bruce of Back to the Batcave… whom seems to have started posting again. However, some of them are complete lies! Last Friday, after being blamed for his “condition” due to festivities the day before, he gave me a bottle of Jaw-Jacker by Aracadia Ales.

Jaw-Jacker 001.jpg

This comes in the standard 12 oz brown bottle. The main label has the name of the Brewery at the top. There is a picture of a funky pumpkin headed scarecrow on it with a mouth full of sharp teeth. It looks like it’s trying to growl at the moon. Behind that it appears to be a door on an old building. The name of the beer is closer to the bottom. It has a quick blurb that says, “Ale with spices added. (Cinnamon, Allspice and Nutmeg).

It has a ruddy orange color to it. There is some cloudiness, but light does pass through easily. It poured almost no head. What film there was faded quickly to a film and then nothing. There is no lacing at all.

An overpowering scent of pumpkin, allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon is noticeable. Caramel malts can also be detected if one concentrates. Though not as strong as the scent, the flavor is again a combination of nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and pumpkin. Floral hops finish it off with a bitterness. The aftertaste actually worsens before it starts to fade. It’s a bitter combination of beer and pumpkin pie. Actually this almost tastes like an IPA that had a slice of pumpkin pie dissolved in the bottle.

It’s a medium bodied beer. There is some prickly carbonation on the tongue.

This was an unpleasant beer to drink. The flavor was vile, the aftertaste disconcerting and the thought of drinking another will wake me up in the middle of the night screaming. In fact after the first sip I made such a hideous noise that the entire family came running to see what was happening. If I never drink this beer again, I’ll be a happy man. I may just have to kick Bruce in the dick the next time I see him for giving this to me. I give it 1.5 out of 10.

Posted by Contagion in Alcohol at November 28, 2007 07:30 PM | TrackBack

After I stopped laughing my ass off I have to say sorry on the hideous beer!

Posted by: Bruce at November 28, 2007 07:41 PM

Wow, a 1.5!
I was figuring considering how nasty beers have rated like a 4 on your scale before, even rubbing alcohol would probably be like a 2.... and this got 1.5!? Maaaan it *has* to be nasty ;)

Posted by: Shadoglare at November 28, 2007 11:45 PM

However, the label is strangely compelling... LOL.

Posted by: Teresa at November 29, 2007 01:58 PM