November 30, 2007

Must read if you live in Illinois.

Illinois Senators Dave Syverson and Brad Burzynski held Breakfast with the Senator this morning. They had done this every couple of weeks last spring and I attended every one of them. I found each one to be informative and exposing of the problems of Illinois Government. They havenít had one since last May, which I sorely missed. Shadoglare joined me for this one.

The point of the breakfast was to discuss multiple topics including the status of the Capital Plan, Status of the RTA-CTA (Regional Transportation Authority ĖChicago Transportation Authority), Blagojevichís Health Plan, and budget updates. There was also an open question time. While everyone was eating they showed the below clip from the CBS affiliate in Chicago, CBS2, report, ďExposing Blagojevich: Governorís Style and ObstacleĒ Itís about 8 minutes long, but it is worth the watch.

The worst part of this clip is the interviews and quotes from not only political players in his own party, but also his own staff! Iíve said for years this man is trying to destroy Illinois, but I never imagined it was this bad. He continually tries to overspend our income. Illinois is already in fiscal trouble due to over spending, bad budgeting and poor money management by our government. If he canít get the funding through taxes, heíll sell 25-year bonds, take the money from pension funds or take monies from taxes earmarked to be spent elsewhere. He is trying to push a Health Care plan that covers everyone in Illinois with a household income under $85,000.00, including illegal aliens.

If he gets voted in for a third term, so help me I think that will be the nail in the coffin of any hope I have that this Nanny State will get any better.

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Why are the reporter and news people surprised by this? For that matter, why have they waited until AFTER the election to do this report... it's certain that all of this was going on before the election!

Of course, the problem is - the next election is FAR away. So that means they want to be sure that all these things are old news by that time.

ARG!!! Bobby-boy will run the state into the ground.

Posted by: Teresa at November 30, 2007 05:39 PM

What's really disheartening is the poll at shows 54% think he's doing a good or excellent job. Everyone I know thinks he stinks, even the democrats. But then, I'm not in Chicago.

Posted by: don at December 1, 2007 01:06 PM

And you think California's jacked up...


Posted by: That 1 Guy at December 2, 2007 10:27 AM