December 16, 2007

Bad movies gone good?

Yesterday I went over to Shadoglareís dwelling for what we dub Cheesy Movie day. Basically people bring over a slew of B-movies or ones that are so bad they are good. We watch them to find the rare gem that is the truly great B-movie. We had a slew of movies to choose from, but here are the ones we ended up watching.

Cannibal: The Musical (AKA Alferd Packer: The Musical)
. Itís almost too bad we started out the day with this movie as it was the best cheesy movie of the day. It was made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone while they were in college. So this was before their South Park days. Itís not out on video apparently, but somehow Shadoglare obtained a copy of it. This was absolutely hilarious! If you get a chance to see, itís one shpadoinkle of a movie!

The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires. Okay, itís a cheesy kung-fu movie with vampires and zombies. It really made no sense and to be honest I was pretty bored with it. I ended up dozing off a couple of times. I like cheesy kung-fun movies, but this one didnít do anything for me.

Dorm of the Dead
. This is a movie I brought. It was bad. Before the opening credits we had zombie kills, and up skirt shot and boobies. I, uh, well we all did, thought I had gotten zombie pr0n. The acting was horrible, the cinematography was awful and the writing was horrendous.

Flight of the Living Dead. Okay, when I first heard about this movie I figured it couldnít be more than 15-20 minutes long. Zombies on a plane, thereís not much more that can happen. You have an outbreak and with in 15 minutes the flight is overrun with the undead. To be honest, this was the second best movie of the day. It was done really well and the way they did it, they filled an hour and a half with zombie goodness. I will say that when the outbreak finally happened, the plane was overrun in 15 minutes. (we timed it). It may not be a top 20 zombie movie, but if you like that genre itís worth watching.

Space Truckers. Okay, we debated if this was really a b-movie with such actors as Dennis Hopper and Stephen Dorf as main characters. Itís cheesy, but I donít think it was a b-movie. I enjoyed watching it, but it really is stupid, especially the square pigs. I think they could have done this better, but hey it was made 10 years ago and it didnít last in the theaters very long.

Overall we had some good movies and we had some bad ones, but they were all enjoyable. Half the fun was making fun of the movies while watching them.

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Again he plans it when I have my daughter! Sounded! Ya thats what it sounded like!

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