February 02, 2008

Big Game.

Iíve got football on the mind, if you canít tell from the below posts. Tomorrow marks the climax of football season for me with the Super Bowl. Sure the Pro Bowl is coming up, but itís just not the same. Itís still fun to watch as you get to see ďthe bestĒ*** of the NFL playing together.

Iím still reeling over the fact that my Packers didnít make it to the Big Game. I thought they were going to do it this year, as well as did a lot of other fans I know. That loss to the Giants just really harshes my mellow. I keep telling everyone that Iím fine and over it, but deep down inside I still have a burning anger and disappointment that is festering. I had a huge post all ready to go for today if the Pack had made it.

It had the Packer Bikini Girls.


Yea, itís not just the male fans that like it cold. Although I swear their smuggling raisins.

It had the new front window I was going to have installed in the house: Ktreva was all for it too.

Packer Window.jpg
Thanks to Leslie of Leslie's Omnibus for the picture

Maybe even get some updated photos of the Cheese Bra. But alas, they choked and gave the game up to the Giants.

Now Iíll admit there is a small part of me relieved. I mean, I didnít want to watch my team make it to the Super Bowl and then lose. Iíve done that once before and it sucks. Especially since Iím a Packer fan in Bear Country. Damn Bear fanís can get pretty obnoxious about things when the Packers loose. At Least I was gracious last year, rooted for the Bears and actually consoled the Bear fans I know. Itís not that I donít think the Packers could beat the Patriots. Any team can be beaten. I just think that the Pats are on fire this year and are going to go all the way undefeated. Youíll see even more fair weather Pat fans next year. Bastiches crawl out of the woodwork.

My prediction on the game is going to Pats 38, Giants 35. I think it will be close, but the Pats are going to win after a last minute failed drive by the Giants to win/go into overtime. The other prediction Iím curious about is the one from the movie I Am Legend. I wonít give away anything from the movie, but at one point in the movie scrolling across the bottom of a newscasts proclaims, ďGiants lose to Patriots for second time this season 23 to 7.Ē

So who do you think is going to win and what is going to be the score?

***I donít necessarily agree these are the best players in the NFL. A lot of the voting, especially from the fans, is based on popularity. Itís kind of like how most Americans vote for politicians, name recognition.

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While I always give the caveat - the game is still to be played and depending on circumstance either team could win.

That being said - I think the Patriots are going to win. I wonder what Arlen Specter was thinking (besides getting his mug on television) to give the Pats extra incentive to not only win, but crush the opposition... Geeze.

I like the Giants - I've been very impressed with them after Shockey got hurt and they started playing like a team instead of tip toeing around someone with an inflated ego.

I'm hoping for a good game, not just good commercials. LOL. I have no idea what the score will be - it depends on which teams show up to play (the winners or the partiers) and how much the long 2 week break has dented the Giants momentum. (it would've been to their great advantage to play last week)

Posted by: Teresa at February 3, 2008 12:03 PM

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