February 11, 2008


This upcoming weekend is the Old Northwest Company (ONW CO.) winter camp. This will be my first year attending as I was just voted in this past August. Ktreva is making fun of me because I'm running around gathering stuff and debating on what I should and should not take with me.

I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve.

I have a beer review I'm going to do on Wednesday that is very special. I'm not giving away anything about it, but lets just say it's probably the most historical beer I've ever reviewed.

I really have nothing else of value to talk about, I spent the afternoon chatting up Tammi down at Frtitz's. We talked about stuff and she told me that she thought it was a bad idea that I was leaving for my trip at 7:00AM on February 14th. I'm not sure why, and she really wasn't forth coming with details. I have the distinct feeling I'm forgetting something.

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Wil & Noah say don't forget your cutting board.

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