April 12, 2008

1.21 gigawatts!

Everybody is modifying their cars today. Be it rims, spoilers, artwork or what not, they are doing it. Well I finally found something I need to get for my truck... because I don't own a De Lorean. I can get a Flux Capacitor!

Flux Capacitor.jpg

Yes, it's kinda geeky... but it's still cool. Right?

Posted by Contagion in Shenanigans at April 12, 2008 08:19 AM | TrackBack

Um... no.

Posted by: That 1 Guy at April 12, 2008 08:50 AM

Ignore that Philistine.

As long as it lights up in some sort of oscillating manner reminiscent of the movie, it's TOTALLY cool.

Posted by: Harvey at April 13, 2008 02:37 PM

I think it's super cool!
But I am also a total '80s nerd.

(T1G might think it's cool if you mount it under one of your tires.)

Posted by: Roses at April 13, 2008 06:26 PM