February 03, 2009

Too much stuff, too little time.

Okay, I'm going to do a high level recap of where I've been and why I've neglected you for so long!

I had to work on Saturday. I hate working Saturdays. I don't mind long hours during the week, but leave my Saturday's alone! Unfortunately with my job, I have to put in the occasional Saturday. Which would be fine, if I thought it was productive. But they are opening the office for a minimal amount of people that really don't seem to get a lot of work done. I also think that overtime is the crutch of bad management. Yes, sometime it is necessary, but honestly not when it's every week for a year.

The of course was the Super Bowl on Sunday. It was a great game, one of the best that I can recall. It was nice and close all the way up to the end. Yet, no offense to Steeler fans, this win is a bit tainted. There was some officiating that was rather suspect. Calls that were kind of iffy all the way to Arizona's last play that should have gone to booth review and didn't. Yes the Steelers won... but should they have? (Bruce you do not get to comment because you are biased!)

I had my normal Monday after the Super Bowl off of work. I went down to Fritz's to spend the afternoon. The normal bartender had called off due to bottle flu... if you know what I mean. Fritz's middle daughter ended up tending bar the day. It was a fun relaxing afternoon of Beer, Martini's and a lot of conversation. I spoke with locals, with regulars, and even some guy that was passing through town. For dinner we had Tacos! I love tacos!

If only I hadn't needed to work on Saturday, it would have been a perfect weekend.

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