March 01, 2009


Yesterday was the first pre-season game for the Rock River Raptors. It was held at the Victory indoor sports center in Loves Park. Now just to give everyone an idea of what has been going on with the Raptors. I had to contact them to find out about renewing my tickets this year. Then I had to call them to find out about when I should be getting my tickets. They hadn't contacted me about anything at all. If I hadn't called them I wouldn't have known about this game and when to pick up the tickets.

Their communication has been severely lacking.

My initial plans were to get there, pick up the tickets, watch a quarter and then leave. Before we left Graumagus stopped by the house and decided to attend the game with Ktreva and I. When we got the to game, we met up with Bruce and another friend of ours. We all had the same idea. Watch until half time, then go to Fritz's for some drinking. Well, we ended up having a lot of fun watching the blow out of an exhibition game that we stuck around for the whole game. Then after the game we were all going to go to Fritz's.

I don't know what happened to Bruce and our other friend, but they never showed up. Grau, Ktreva and I ended up staying until closing time and had a great time talking and catching up.

I hope that the Raptor's get their act together before they doom the team, because as it stands right now I will not be renewing my season tickets next year.

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J didnt want to come out so I was gonna drive. Didnt work out so well.

Posted by: Bruce at March 1, 2009 06:38 PM