July 15, 2009


Bruce of Back to the Batcave donated tonightís beer. That makes number 11 in his quest for a glass. Number twelve is sitting in the fridge. If everything goes as planned, heíll earn it next week! I just need to get to deliver the other glasses that have already been awarded. The beer being reviewed tonight is Cerise by Founders Brewing in Grand Rapids, MI.


We have the standard 12 fl oz brown bottle. The label is a pinkish label with a picture of cherries on it. The name of the beer is in a fancy handwritten looking script under it. In a red banner it states Cherry Fermented ale.

When poured into a glass, there is a pink, ruby grapefruit like color to it. The beer is clear, with no signs of floaters or cloudiness to it at all. You can see right through it, albeit with a pink tint. The head that forms is a light cotton candy like pink color that fades to a film on the top. There is some lacing on the side of the glass. Did I mention itís pink?

The scent is a strong tart cherry scent. There is a mild malt scent to the background that gives the beer a slight musty smell. The taste is much like the smell, cherries and malts. The cherries have both the tartness of real cherries and a bit of a sweetness of cocktail cherries. The flavor is very mild with almost no bitterness to it at all. The aftertaste is barely noticeable. At 6.5% ABV you couldnít taste the alcohol.

This is a light bodied beer, with a mild carbonation. There is no coating to the mouth.

Fruit beers are not normally my forte, yet this one I actually found pleasant to drink. The cherry flavor wasnít overpowering like in some other cherry flavored drinks Iíve had. Also for 6.5% ABV, this was very easy to drink, almost too easy. In fact I could see myself accidently drinking a six pack of this way too fast. I give this 6 out of 10.

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