November 18, 2009

Another Treatment

Since my surgery I have to go in about once every 6-8 weeks for follow up treatments. This consists of them giving me a local and then shoving the largest damn needle I've ever seen into my stomach. Where I get to sit for 10-20 minutes while a pocket of fluid is drained. Not by them pulling it out with the needle, but letting gravity do the work.

It's fun... in that I get to gross people out with pictures kind of way. Especially those that are afraid of needles that make coffee stir sticks seem tiny. Other ways its a royal pain in the... abdomen. So now I sit and am sore and very uncomfortable. I also am not allowed to eat anything for 24 hours, and I have to go in with an empty stomach. Fortunately the discomfort makes eating not that big of an issue.

On the flip side I also really can't drink anything more than water and some juices. Thus there will be no beer review again this week. I'm sorry. I know that makes two weeks in a row. I really need to make up for it. So I will do what I can.

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