May 16, 2006

Where did he go?!?!

I am not dead. Maybe MIA, definitely neglectful, but I am NOT dead.

I’d love to tell you some grand story of where I’ve been, but there’s nothing to it. Sunday was mother’s day. The boys bought Ktreva a computer game she wanted, so I relinquished the computer to her for the day. Hey, it’s her day. The least I could do is let her play her new game. That and I forcibly had to make sure she didn’t do anything that came close to what might be considered work. IE no laundry or anything. I made her take the day off and relax. I handled the childerbeasts.

As you may recall we were in a drought. I say were, because we are no longer in one. In fact we are now in the surplus of rain. It seems my re-enacting luck jump-started the rain here in Northern Illinois. The down side is that it has rained every day for the last week and a half. Hell, if I didn’t know better I’d say I was at a re-enactment last weekend. In fact it is raining right now. This has caused me two issues. A) My lawn is growing at an alarming rate and I’m not able to get out and mow it. 2) I can’t get outside to do any of the exterior housework that needs to be done.

Hopefully all the rain comes and is gone for Memorial Day weekend. I have a re-enactment that weekend that I enjoy, and the boys are both looking forward to going to this one. However, for the last three years we have been rained on at this event.

The van is back in the shop for warranty work. Once that is finished I’ll give you an update on that. Yes, I took it back to the same dealership that caused me all the trouble the last time. It’s warranty work and I’m limited on where I can take it.

In the meantime Ktreva has yet another rental car. She has driven five different vehicles in the last month. Fortunately she only damaged two of them. >ducks under the swing of a cast iron frying pan<

However, I think the biggest news in my life right now is that Ktreva and I are thinking of changing the era we re-enact. We think we might leap forward to the 1830’s and do the Black hawk War. It’s local history, it was the last major Indian war in the Midwest, and it would make it historically accurate for me to have a wife and kids with me at the events. Right now, some of the re-enactors that know me may be dropping their jaws in disbelief. I was one of the people that really wanted to get into the French and Indian war era re-enacting. As part of a group it was easier to get away with huge discrepancies in my presentation. Now that we are on our own, it is much more difficult. Sure there is going to need to be some costuming changes, but that isn’t much. I need to do more research into what I need costuming ways, but the rest of my equipment will be just fine. In fact my Wall tent will be more accurate as they where actually starting to use them around that time.

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YEAH!!! Hooooray Ktreva got the day off!!

Ta old softie you...

Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at May 16, 2006 08:35 PM

Yay for you for taking on the ankle-biters on Mother's Day! We got sun for the first time since... don't know when - say 8-10 inches of rain ago. Now it's clouded up again, but I'm hoping it doesn't want to rain.

Posted by: Teresa at May 17, 2006 03:34 PM

Sounds like fun! And hopefully the rain will freeking stop....

Posted by: Richmond at May 17, 2006 05:18 PM