June 13, 2006

From the dawn of time I came.

When we moved into our house, there was an old swing set in the back yard. It had been horribly neglected and was pretty badly rusted through. After our first year of living here, I ended up having to remove it. Removing of the metal was easy; I cut it up into smaller parts and set it out for the trash. That was only the part above ground. I had to dig up the posts sticking out of the ground.

Figuring that whoever installed it probably did the typical cement in the coffee can anchor system; I didn’t think it would be a problem. Quickly I discovered that the idiots had dug four huge holes, put the swing in place and then filled the holes with concrete. These concrete blobs (Blocks does not describe them) where huge, each one looks like they poured five gallons of concrete into the hole.

For the longest time they say in the back yard because the trash company wouldn’t take them and I couldn’t find of a way to dispose them… other then rebury them in the back yard. Since they where safety hazards I moved them to the side of the house with the help of Graumagus where they sat for the last 4 years. Every so often I would see if I could find of a way to dispose of them and I never could. The only option I had was to break them up into smaller chunks. That just sounded way too much like work, and I just let them sit there.

Now we are having a central air unit installed in the house. Those blocks are sitting exactly where it’s going to go. That means they must be disposed off. Earlier today I ran to Farm and Fleet to pick up the tools I was going to need to break these behemoth blobs of concrete up. I bought the biggest sledgehammer they had, 12 pounds, and a concrete chisel. I already own a good hand sledge, so I didn’t need to get one of those.

After work, I came home moved the first blob into the back yard and started my daunting task of trying to break it up into smaller, more disposable chunks. Now I understand why they used to have prisoners break stone. Sure it will build upper body strength, but after an hour I had no desire to do anything but take a nap. Of course, that was only one of those blobs destroyed. I spent a total of 3 hours in the backyard breaking these chunks up. People walking by where staring in disbelief at what they saw.

Every hit small shards of concrete would go flying in every direction. I sent some flying a good 30 feet away into neighbor’s yards and into the alley. I’m damn glad I had safety goggles on, or I probably would have lost an eye on at least three occasions. I had to alter between the big sledge and the hand sledge in chisel to give my arm a rest. The sledge used the muscle in the upper arm, while the hand sledge used more of the forearm. During one of my breaks Ktreva made the comment that it was a good work out, and that if I did it for 20 minutes a night my arms would be ripped. I had to correct her. My right arm would look like something off of a body builder, my left arm would look the same.

After getting the second one broken up into disposable chunks, I had enough for the night. There was no way I was going to tackle a third one. I just didn’t have the strength and stamina to keep going. That was about an hour and a half ago. Now I sit here, covered in concrete dust, my right arm aching and hanging limply at my side. I barely had the strength to lift up my hand so I could type this post. My shoulder is sore and I’m thinking of taping a bag of ice to it in the fashion of a baseball pitcher after a game.

Ten years ago this wouldn’t have been an issue. I would have had all four of those blobs broken up and disposed off. Not now, now I feel like I’m a feeble old man.

I hate getting older.

Posted by Contagion in Family Life at June 13, 2006 09:00 PM | TrackBack

Sucks to get old. Beats the alternative, but sometimes you wonder.

Posted by: og at June 13, 2006 11:05 PM

All you needed was a masonary bit for your drill.

You already have blackpowder to charge the holes with.....

Posted by: Graumagus at June 14, 2006 02:16 AM

Maybe boopie would like to build his muscles too!

Posted by: Lori at June 14, 2006 09:08 AM

Just find some nice little, not working on sunday tech plaza and dump the chunks into a dumpster behind said, not working on sunday buildings.

And, ah, no, no I never have done this, nope, not once, nada, never...

Posted by: Quality Weenie at June 14, 2006 10:45 AM

Go find the guys with the sign "Will Work for Food."

Or head to the local "migrant worker" 7-11...

Posted by: Ogre at June 14, 2006 01:22 PM

Damned shame there is not but one alternative to growing old. I would have just stayed in my thirties if anyone had asked.

Posted by: Peter at June 14, 2006 11:08 PM