September 01, 2006

Set backs.

Clone has been doing good with potty training, until today. He’s gone almost 2 weeks with out an accident. Then today he wet himself twice. Once he was trying to get to the bathroom at the daycare but another kid was in there and he couldn’t hold it any longer. The other was just him not going.

That, however, is not the worst of it. After I got him home tonight everything was fine, then he said he had to go potty and off he went. He’d been in the bathroom for 10 minutes and I knew something was up. When I walked in he looks at me and says, “I did a poop in the potty!” Well there was poop in the potty, but there was also poop on the seat, on the side all over his pants and underwear. He must have pooped his pants and tried to get it in the toilet to try to cover it up.

His fecal creation did not want to cooperate. It looked like he was playing with brown Playdoh and had it everywhere. I don’t know what was worse; trying to clean it off of the toilet or off of him. The scene was almost reminiscent of another incident we had last year.

GAH! Back to stage 1.

Posted by Contagion in Family Life at September 1, 2006 05:51 PM | TrackBack

I hate when I do that...

If you eat alot of cheese, though, you can use it as playdoh. But you better shellac your creations.

Posted by: t1g at September 1, 2006 06:39 PM

jesus, T1G.

Give the kids a break, now that the collective are potty trained, I spend more time cleaning the bathroom than ever...

Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at September 1, 2006 10:22 PM

heh. It wasn't Clone, it was Mr. Hankey!

Posted by: caltechgirl at September 2, 2006 09:29 AM