December 24, 2006

The Imperial blockade didn't stop me from getting my hands on it!

Right now, in my hot little hands I have a videocassette. I havenít been able to watch it yet; Iím saving it for tomorrow. This might be the most talked about but hardly seen Christmas Special ever. Itís joked about, made fun of, and some younger fans arenít convinced it actually exists.

What do I have? Well my friends, tomorrow I will be watching Chewbacca returning home to celebrate ďLife DayĒ with his son, wife and Father. Thatís right, I have a copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special, AKA ďThe Wookie ChristmasĒ (Well at least according to the insert that came with it). I saw this when it first came out in 1978; I have not seen it since. Iím giddy with excitement over this; this could make this the best Christmas EVER! From everything I recollect it was horrible, but still itís iconically hilarious by being so bad.

The only down side is that itís not mine. It was loaned to me by an acquaintance, and I have to return it Tuesday. Thus I donít have time to get a copy of it. Sigh.

Posted by Contagion in Things I find interesting at December 24, 2006 10:05 AM | TrackBack

I'm sure you recollect correctly: it was pretty awful.

But was surpassed in its awfulness by the introduction of Jar-Jar Binks!

Posted by: Consul-At-Arms at December 24, 2006 11:12 PM

Can't copy it?


That man needs to loan it to someone with a DVD-R/VCR combo so this thing can start floating around the internet where it belongs :-)

Posted by: Harvey at December 26, 2006 09:44 AM