December 28, 2006

What is a Graumagus???

I was just checking through my stats (Shut up Harvey! I know I said I quit doing that, and really I don’t do it as much as I used to. I only check them maybe 3 or 4 times a week now!) and I noticed someone found me by searching for “What is graumagus”

What is Graumagus.JPG

I doubt you found your answer to what a Graumagus, especially since most people don’t know. As far as I know, there is no definition of a Graumagus. So for you, my inspired inquirer, I will try to answer the eternal question, what is a Graumagus?

There is only one Graumagus (Argumentum Sphinctorus Homo Sapien). He is a friend and companion. One can rely on him when he’s needed, as long as it doesn’t require him to update his blog, Frizzen Sparks. Then you are out of luck for Graumagus is a fickle creature. He will say he is going to blog, and then he will stop with no notice. Only to pick up a month later lamenting his lack of blogging and getting your roped back in with posts only to go on hiatus again. His last message advised of the demise of Frizzen Sparks. However, he hinted to the fact that it was going to rise from the ashes on a different system. That was over a month ago. The Graumagus is a damn liar when it comes to blogs.

The Graumagus is politically boisterous. He has his views and opinions on everything from what the president is doing to what kind of shaving cream a person should us on their arse. For nothing more then giving him the impression that you are paying attention to him, he will gladly share these with you, in detail, ad nauseum. He can spend copious amounts of time describing the folly of liberal thinking.

Mainly the Graumagus is a useful creature to have around when there is an over abundance of alcohol that needs to be consumed. Thus decreasing the surplus in a region. There has yet to be an alcoholic beverage he will not drink, even at risk to his own brain cells and internal organs. He is also very useful in uplifting spirits and cheering up friends. Of course with the workaholic tendencies of the Graumagus, he doesn’t have much time for either.

Oh, and he’s Harvey’s hetero life-mate and part of the unholy union that spawned many bloggers.

There, that is what a Graumagus is.

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It seems MuNu has a hiatus on new blog setups and every hosting company I find has something in their Terms of Service that I horribly violate.

I was graciously offered hosting on a server from an old blog-friend for only $5 a month, so I'm going to e-mail him and see what I can get going...

Oh yeah, Edge shaving gel is, by far, the best for scraping off the ass whiskers.

Posted by: Graumagus at December 29, 2006 12:43 PM

Ya know, that's a really good definition :-)

Posted by: Harvey at December 31, 2006 03:20 PM