April 05, 2007

Cop blames the gun.

Shadoglare wants to get my blood boiling early this week. He sent me a link to a local story about a rash of shootings at a local housing project, including the first homicide in Rockford for the year. The Chief of Police Chet Epperson is quoted in the article saying:

Epperson believes the latest rash of violence can be attributed, in part, to the ease with which ex-felons can get their hands on guns. Two Blackhawk Courts shooting victims had been released from prison as recently as last month.

ďThis is unacceptable,Ē Epperson said of the string of shootings. ďHandguns are really the culprit of the degradation of this community.Ē

What????? Ease in which ex-felons can get their hands on guns? The last time I bought a firearm in Illinois I had to jump through hoops and wait three days. In that time they did a back ground check and everything to make sure I wasnít a felon. Wait, I bought my firearm legally, thatís right. The way Chet here is talking about must be illegal. That means that if Chet and his boys were doing their jobs then the felons would have a hard time getting firearms. So if there is an easy way to get them, itís obviously his fault since heís the ďtop copĒ.

As for handguns being the culprit of the degradation of this community, Iím curious to how he jumped to that conclusion. If all three cases involved baseball bats, golf clubs or kitchen knives would he blame those? Probably not, but because he canít stem the flow of illegal firearms, then he has to blame the firearm not the individuals using them. Sure itís easy to blame an inanimate object, it wonít argue back. But lets put the blame were it really belongs: The individuals that pulled the trigger. I donít know what their up bringing was, and I really donít want to stereotype anyone, so Iím not going to. But both my mother and father who were involved in my life and taught me right from wrong raised me. Iíve never shot anyone with malice. Iíve never used a firearm to solve a dispute between me and another person. And as much as I joke about, ďIím going to shootÖĒ, I donít follow through with it by actually shooting anyone.

Itís the type of ignorance that Chet here uses that causes so much fear and mistrust of legal firearms and their owners.

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Yeah. The *handgun's* fault.

That bastard.

Should I blame my fat arse on McDonald's, or blame Marlboro because I smoke? Should we then blame auto-makers for jag-off drivers?

Why is it so difficult to understand that, as human beings, we make CHOICES; good ones & bad ones?!?

Dumb-arse liberal puke, that's what it is.....

Posted by: Wes at April 5, 2007 07:29 PM