May 23, 2007

Tennents of Scotland.

I was gifted a six-pack of Tennent’s of Scotland last week. Since I was gifted it, I felt I was obligated to review it. Especially since it came from a reader… one that never comments… BASTICH! So if you really want me to review a beer, give me a six-pack… hint hint hint. What? So I’m an Alcowhore! Tonight I shall review Tennent’s of Scotland Lager by the Tennent Caledonian Breweries.


The lager comes in a green bottle 11.2 FL OZ, which means you need to keep it out of sunlight while storing or transporting or the beer will go bad. IT has an oval body label with the name of the beer in a black circle with two thistles on either side. There is a big red T in the middle. It claims to be “Scotland’s Finest Lager”.

There is a golden yellow color to the beer. It is clear with no hint of cloudiness and light passes through easily. It pours a nice thick white head that lasts for a while. It slowly dissipates into a film on the top of the beer and a ring around the edge of the glass. There is a nice lacing on the glass.

The aroma is very faint and hard to discern. If you try really hard you can get a whiff of sweet malts with a very week hop undertone. The combination almost gives it a good bread smell. The taste is week. Mainly one can taste malts. If there are any hops to the flavor, I couldn’t find it. There is not a touch of bitterness to it. There is also almost no aftertaste. From my experience this is typical of the European lagers.

It is a light bodied beer. There is a crispness to it that is refreshing. The carbonation is a little on the heavy side and it does bite the tongue.

Overall this is a decent beer. Nothing I’d go out of my way for. It is a hot day here, and it’s rather enjoyable. It’s not so heavy that after one or two in the heat you just don’t want to drink anymore. I’d rate this about a 4.

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