May 24, 2007

Clone the Tough Guy.

Some of the stuff kids pick up is just plain funny. Yesterday I was playing with Clone. It devolved into a tickle fight. I’d tickle him, he’d run away, and then try to tickle me. Repeat this cycle over and over numerous times. Finally I had to break away to go to the bathroom. When I came walking back into the living room I looked Clone in the eye and said, “Are you read to be tickled?” He jumps to his feet, places his hands on his hips, looks me in the eye and with all seriousness says:

“You wanna piece of me?”

The funniest part was that he did the tough guy head shake when he said it. You know the head shake; the one you see the goombas do in all the gangster movies when they are being tough. No, not the one the black ladies do when they are mad, think Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. Then he sticks his right hand out and does the Kung Fu “Come here” hand wave.

I thought I was going to have an asthma attack I was laughing so hard.

Then he got mad because I was laughing, apparently he was being serious. So I had to take him down a notch. Needless to say, much laughter ensued for the next 30 minutes.

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OMG - I love that boy! He cracks me up.

Another 10 years and you're gonna have your hands full!!

Posted by: Tammi at May 24, 2007 12:04 PM


Posted by: vw bug at May 24, 2007 01:40 PM

Dude, I so have to get Youngerspawn over there to play with Clone.

I had this mental image of Clone doing that and of YS doing his "Your kung-fu is weak!" thing and I couldn't stop laughing.

We could start UFC for toddlers and make a mint :)

Posted by: Graumagus at May 25, 2007 07:09 AM