May 24, 2007

Come sail away.

WINDY!!! We have winds up to 30 mph. Now I know some of my coastal readers that are use to hurricanes will laugh at that saying itís nothing. And I appreciate that; itís how I react when I hear someone from Florida complain about it being cold at 50 degrees. What you have to remember is that we are not accustomed to winds like thisÖ outside of tornadoes.

Clone had his preschool graduation today; yea Iíll go off on that at another time. It was held at a local park that had a decent play area and a nice shelter. The wind just reaped havoc on the picnic part of the day. They tried cooking over a grill, but had a problem getting the charcoal lit, until Mr. Re-enactor boy got it started using twigs and dried grass. Then once it was started the wind blew the coals so hot that they warped the grate AND it only lasted for 20 minutes before having to add more charcoal to keep it going. Folks, I could have used this fire to smith iron. Yea, tried as I might, there was nothing I nor anyone there could come up with to help that situation. We didnít have the right materials for what we knew would work.

Bags of chips and bowls of various salads were being blown off the tables. At one point a pan half filled with hot dogs almost blew off the table, but another parent caught it. Table clothes and plates (with and without food) were flying across the park. If it wasnít for the fact that I was trying to dodge the debris, I would have found this highly entertaining.

But the funniest thing that happened was when some 4-year-old little girl decided to slide down a pole right as the wind gusted really hard. She literally flapped in the wind like a flag for a couple of seconds before her mother grabbed her. The poor thing was terrified. But not terrified to try it again and get upset when the wind didnít blow her half way to Oz.

Right now Iím sitting in the house with the boys. Ktreva is in Springfield so Iím playing single dadÖ grumble. Itís 84 degrees in the house, but it sure doesnít feel like it. When the wind blows it turns the entire house into a wind tunnel. Who needs fans?

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Gotta love it when that jet stream hits the ground running. I can just see that girl flapping in the wind. LOL.

Posted by: Teresa at May 24, 2007 07:28 PM