June 01, 2007

Calling all football fans!

On June 16 the Rock River Raptors play the Bloomington Extreme (Yea, their name sucks). This will be the third time we play the Extreme this season. We have a 1-1 record against them this season with our overtime loss last weekend. This is playing out to be an important game for us to win the division and to be a good close game.

The Raptors are planning a fan bus trip from Rockford to the game. They are charging $50.00 for anyone that wants to go on the bus. The price includes a round trip bus ticket, food and beverage on the bus and a ticket to the game. I am going to this game, so Iím jumping on the chance to take the bus. It saves me money just in gas alone, plus I donít have to worry about the two hour drive. Throw in the food and the ticket to the game, this really is a steal.

The problem is that they only have 50 spots available; they need at least 30 people in order to make the trip happen. Including me they currently have 10 people signed up. If you live in or around the Rockford area, love football, and want to have good time, Iím telling you, jump on this opportunity. Plus we really want to support the home time at what is playing out to be a crucial game. We all know how much fan support can really help a team play.

So if you are interested in going, call 815-965-7000 and sign up for the bus trip. Not only will you be able to go see a great game and have a lot of fun, but you get to hang out with me! That in itself should be worth $50.00!

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I would in a heartbeat...but.....I can't do it right now.

That sucks.

But have a great time. I'll just be sittin' here..thinkin' about y'all.....hopin' it's a great game......


Posted by: Tammi at June 1, 2007 10:01 AM