July 10, 2007

Ogfest in review.

All right, Iím a little behind in posting this, but dammit, Iíve been busy. Ogfest was just about the most damn fun Iíve had in a long time. Ktreva and I left right after work to head down. When we arrived at the hotel, the bellhop guy kept wanting to help me carry my bags, I really didnít feel comfortable letting him carry my side arms, I donít think he understood. Especially since I didnít tell him the innocent looking black bag was filled with handguns and ammo.

As soon as I walked up to the desk to check in, I swore I heard Tammi talking. I just couldnít see her, and I was more interested in checking in and getting the bag of firearms out of the lobby. Sure enough after dumping off the luggage in the room we found Tammi in the bar with T1G, Og and Jon. We had time to grab a beer when Oddybobo and Zonker arrived. While we were sitting there talking Bloodspite arrived. He was all frazzled and worried looking, something about traffic, driving 8 hours and no air conditioning. Fortunately he shut up and put his beer hole to good use.

We all went to this microbrewery in Naperville. They told us for the size of party we had it would be an hour and a half wait, or we could go up stairs and just grab some tables first come first serve or wait until ours were ready. Harvey and TNT arrived just as we stole some tables from the locals. Iíd review the beer, but honestly I know they had some that sucked and some that were decent. It didnít matter; most of us were swilling beer like there was no tomorrow. After dinner we went back to the hotel to drink some more. (Donít you judge us!) Redneck, Leslie and Shou joined in the fun.

Saturday Harvey, Bloodspite and I headed to Buffalo Range to hook up with Graumagus, Og and Curious for some shooting. We had a lot of fun at this range. We did learn two things though. First, Harvey and Bloodspite underestimate the amount of ammo that can be burnt in two hours shooting. Secondly, Bloodspite's ďtwinsĒ are inconsistent as all hell. The safest place to be is directly in front of them when shooting. EVERYONE that shot them was all over the place. They felt nice and handled well, but I guess when you store them in a chaw can the rifling gets mess up! (Sorry buddy, their dogs!)

Saturday night we went to Klas in Cicero for dinner. Teresa was there waiting for us. She even made me kiss her ring again. How cool is that? Biloxi also joined us at the restaurant. After dinner some presents were given to T1G and Og made speech. Any rumors about me drinking straight from pitchers are unsubstantiated at best. Such things would be highly uncouth.

I also brought my camera with. At one point in the night I turned on the motor drive and was taking paparazzi style pictures. My memory card holds over 1,000 pictures, I had 638 left Sunday morning. Looking at these pictures there are some really good ones. Unfortunately many people there did not want their pictures taken for fear of photoshopping reasons. Apparently one or four of the bloggers in the room have a history of such things. Thus in order to get them to cooperate I promised that I would not post any of the pictures on the internet, supply them to someone else who might or knowingly provide them to anyone that may photoshop them in any way. Thus if you want to see the pictures, tough. Iíve burned them onto a disk for my own keeping.
Saturday night after the restaurant we went back to the hotel for even more drinking. (Donít you judge us!) I never realized how much beer a group of bloggers can consume. Fortunately Iím a lightweight so I only had a couple Saturday night. Again much fun ensued. There were stories and jokes. People having a great time, and some NASCAR fan that wanted to us to all blog about NASCAR.

Sunday went well, we crawled out of bed around 10:30 AM. As I was passing through the lobby there were a group of bloggers there. At this point I would like to say to all of you, Iím sorry. I donít remember who was all there, I was feeling a might out of it. I believe it was Tammi, T1G, Jon and ZonkerÖ. But I could be seriously wrong. Especially after stepping outside into the daylight. For the first time this month I cursed the sun for being that bright life-giving star in the sky.

Some people had left long before I had, especially those that had flights or long drives ahead of them. About 2 in the afternoon while Ktreva and I were eating lunch, Bloodspite calls and leaves some kind of garbled voicemail for me. Folks, Iíve heard of drunk dialing, but he was driving dialingÖ then again he may have been drunk driving dialing from the sounds of the message. Between the cell-phone static and that thick Missouri drawl of his, I could barely make out what he was saying. Well except that he was about 130 miles from the Possum Roundup. It must be a Missouri thing.

Speaking of roundups, hereís the best part of a blogmeet post. Who all was there. This is done in no particular order what so ever. Just the order in which I found the link to their blogs.

Ktreva: Well hell, I married this one. She threw herself on that grenade. But she did look dead sexy in that dress Saturday night. Yea, I donít know how I landed her either.

Oddybobo: This is my second time meeting her in person, and she is just as sweet, beautiful and wonderful as I remember her being. Even if she did try to tackle me and put me through a wall in the hotel.

Zonker: This is the first time I met him, unfortunately I didnít get much time talking with him. He seems like a nice guy, Iím just going to have to force myself to not be so shy next time and actually strike up a conversation.

T1G: The birthday boy himself. As I said in his birthday comment, heís like the older brother I never had. Only drunker, less articulate and with a worse haircut. Farking hippy!

Tammi: Smart, funny, beautiful. And contrary to some rumor, she is not monstrously tall. I donít know where that came from, but itís just wrong!

Og: Great guy and fun to talk to. I just really wish he would stop trying to take his clothes off around me. It seems every time I turned around he was picking up his shirt, unbuckling his belt or licking his nipples. Hey, if Iím going to be traumatized, so are you.

Jon: This was my first time meeting him; Iím glad he resurrected himself from the blogging grave. Great guy to talk to and heís the perfect designated driver. Plus I have some GPS navigation system envy. The next time Iím in his part of the hand Iím going to have to look him up.

Bloodspite: Iím damn glad he talked the Bloodspouse into letting him go, even if it was with a promise from me to keep him out of trouble. Donít you all laugh at once. Good guy to joke around with, especially since he likes to advertise that he grew up where they filmed Deliverance. Plus he brought me a six-pack to do a review on. Looking forward to being able to kick back a couple of dozen more beers with you at some time.

Harvey: The Blog father himself. Some of you might not believe this, but Harvey has some skills. He picked up my Colt 1991 Model 80 .45 and was getting ďkill shotsĒ at 50 yards with it. Iím re-thinking my position on pissing him off. But I'm definitely getting him back to the range sooner or later.

TNT: Short, Sassy, SexyÖ and looks like a pirate with underwear on her head. Yet, she pulls it off with a certain flair. However I need to make sure that she and Ktreva never go shopping at an outlet mall together again. They cut into my beer money.

Redneck: This is another blogger I met for the first time. I actually spent some time talking with him; he seems almost as shy as I am. However, by the end of the night I couldnít understand a damn word he was sayingÖ but I think he was talking about fishing.

Leslie: This is a second meeting for us; unfortunately we did not get much quality time together. Actually I think my shyness and her sense of self-preservation kept it that way. One of these days Iím gonna finish that conversation we tried to start at Fritzís a couple of years ago.

Teresa: The lovely and regal Teresa. It was just an honor that you let me kiss your ring again, and this time you didnít even slap me. Thank you for gracing us with your presence. Iím looking forward to our next meeting.

Graumagus: Iíve known Grau for years, but damn I didnít realized how much he likes to drive. I think he spent more on gas then beer. He also needs to get a rifle that is Contagion proof. Damn cheap Russian ammo jamming up the bolt!

Shoe: This is the first time I met her, I didnít really get a chance to talk to her. In fact Iím trying to remember if we ever exchanged words outside of and introduction and salutation. She seems really nice. Damn my shyness!

Biloxi: Another first time meeting for me. He sat at the same end of the table that I did at dinner. So we actually were able to talk and have some conversation. He was nice, polite and just fun to talk with.

Curious: Okay, I really only spoke to him briefly at the range. In fact I didnít even realize he was a blogger until that night at dinner. But it was nice meeting him anyway.

I think thatís everyone. If I missed someone Iím sorry.

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Loved seeing you again - sorry bout the tackle, it could not be helped. It's like my very own form of turrets.

Posted by: oddybobo at July 11, 2007 06:45 AM

Good to meet you & your better half too.
I think you "landed her" because she can't measure... (something about *this* is 6 inches...)

Posted by: _Jon at July 11, 2007 10:48 AM

Always a pleasure spending time with y'all.....wait a minute. Did you actually write that I'm FUNNY? Did you? Really?! Huh. :-)

Posted by: Tammi at July 11, 2007 07:10 PM

I wore that ring especially so you'd have to kiss it. LOL.

Posted by: Teresa at July 12, 2007 09:15 AM

Shy my ass. Boy, you're 'bout as shy as... Sam. I'll tell you what, if you couldn't understand what I was sayin', it's 'cause your ears were drunked... Lord knows I never sler my speech. Ask the cop if you don't believe me. It was good to finally meet you, and I didn't even have to freeze my ass of at some got damned cold ass frozen day in hell blog meet to do it. Y'all watch the polar bears. I'll see it on the Discovery channel.

Go to Helen dude. Bring body armor.

Posted by: RedNeck at July 12, 2007 12:59 PM