October 04, 2007

Oh why.

Guh, it was one of those fun days at work. Besides everyone of my football buddies confusing the hell out of me regarding what the plans were this weekend for the games (It's at Bruce's, no it's at Bob's, It's at Bruce's, Bruce has to spend time with his kid, so it's at Bob's.... etc), I also had to have one of those meetings. Actually I ended up having two of them.

You know what I mean by those meetings. Yea, the "Can I see you in my office, please close the door." meetings.

The first one was because of something I did. I guess my disgruntledness was getting the better of my tact filter in my brain and I slipped into old time Contagion. Not the "You're a farking Idiot" guy, but the one that would say things like, "You have no clue what you're talking about do you?" I guess it just irritated me that someone was preaching to me about inventory management when A) It's what I used to do for years and at one point they corporation modeled the position off of my style and B) It's from someone that has no clue about inventory management other then saying, "The inventory is too high!" Well no shite, anyone that can do basic math could figure that out. It was a fun two hour meeting.

The second one was because one of my employees did something that they really ought not to have done. I mean on a serious level. I had to get a private room for feedback and get everyone's sides of the stories and try to alleviate the situation. That was good hour long meeting that I think will result in another one tomorrow.

So from today I think I'll be seeing sensitivity class again. Or they could fire me... I don't think I'd get that lucky.

Posted by Contagion in Tales from the Work Place at October 4, 2007 04:53 PM | TrackBack

Oh my... *sigh* what a bummer of a day. But I have to admit to breaking out into hysterical laughter over:

"You have no clue what you're talking about do you?"

That just struck me as extremely funny.

Posted by: Teresa at October 4, 2007 07:00 PM

Nah, They won't fire you. Because you're effective. They just can't figure out why someone who tells the truth, without compunction, with (more or less)tact, understands the processes, suggests the solutions, and isn't (exactly) P.C., could be right.

"He didn't molly-coddle her... her productivity rose, but HE DIDN'T MOLLY-CODDLE HER!!!"

More Sensitivity is in your future, but I can only hope that it doesn't overshadow actual value.

Posted by: Johnny - Oh at October 4, 2007 08:37 PM

I would never beable to work for a company that yelled at me for saying to someone that they have no clue as to what they are doing, I've said that and a lot worse and never have been talked to for it.

Also why would you have to go to sensitivity training for something one of your employees did?

Posted by: Quality Weenie at October 5, 2007 08:17 AM

Yet another example of why Politically Correct is WRONG. Heaven forbid that anybody should feel a sense of accomplishment for completing a task correctly. And then, when you call them on being an idiot (which I think you did very tactfully), your the bad guy.

Maybe we should all just start our own country. The Republic of Common Sense. If your an idiot, you'll be called on it, and if you wear your pants around your knees showing your underwear, I'll staple gun them around your nipples.

Posted by: Petey at October 5, 2007 09:05 AM

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