October 22, 2007

Back to reality.

Ktreva and I got back from our last re-enactment of the season yesterday. We had a beautiful weekend and had a ton of fun. The wind on Thursday and Friday was killer. Event staff told us it was gusting up to 45 mph at a time. I ended up assisting in setting up or rescuing 20 pieces of canvas from the wind. After Ktreva and I got our wall up, we decided not to set up our fly because the wind was just too strong. We arrived out there at 10:30 AM on Thursday. When we drove to our camp we saw two tents already blown down. After we finished setting up our tent, a Trader that was setting up a large marquee and having a hard time with the wind. Ktreva and I ran over to give them a hand. Now I know that normally they can set up their canvas by themselves, but the wind really makes it ten times more difficult, so they were grateful for the help.

To give you an idea of how bad that wind was at one point Ktreva was holding down the edge of the canvas as we tried to attach the large center ridgepole. A gust of wind came up and picked her up 2-3 feet off the ground. The owner in a panic said, ďHold down the canvas!Ē Ktreva replied, ďItís not that Iím not holding it down, Itís that it is picking me up!Ē She went through the same thing two other times on Thursday.

Friday was much of the same, only with an off and on light rain. Saturday was beautiful. Highs in the 70ís, lows in the 50ís with a gentle breeze and sun. Sunday was even warmer except the wind picked up a little. Nothing like what was on Thursday and Friday, I it gusted up to 15 mph.

I was sadly disappointed about one thing at this event. I brought two coolers filled with beer to this event. I started drinking on it Thursday night, Saturday night when all was said and done I still had about a third of my beer. I could not give the stuff away and I had good beer. Two growlers of Scottish Ale, two growlers of Black Walnut Stout, six bottles of Dragonís Milk, 28 bottles of Edmund Fitzgerald, 2 bottles of Arcadia Ale Scotch Ale. The two growlers of Scottish ale, the arcadia Ale and 3 of the Edmund Fitzgerald didnít get drank. Except for 4 bottles of the Dragonís Milk, maybe half a growler of the Walnut Stout and a couple of the Edmund Fitzgerald, I drank the rest. This was on top of hitting a bar Thursday night and an Irish Pub on Friday. I was so disappointed to have to dump all that good beer out.

Other then the lack of beer drinking I had a great time. A friend of mine that I havenít seen in 4 years because he moved to upper Minnesota actually came back for the weekend. It was great to hear him playing his pipes in camp. We have a piper that is with the local Ranger group and she does a fine job, but Jeremy is a master at the pipes and can really make beautiful music on them.

If you want to see some pictures from Fort Obie last weekend and Trail of History I have the reviews up over at the Spoon and Blade. I also finally got around to putting up the Galesburg Heritage Days review from last August up as well.

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