October 23, 2007

Thanks for the memories

Football legend and Packer great Max McGee passed away over the weekend. Max is known for scoring the first touchdown ever in Super Bowl history. The best part of it was that he was hung over when he did it.

"McGee had only four receptions for 91 yards during the 1966 regular season. He didn't plan to play in the title game against the Chiefs, because he violated the team curfew and spent the night before partying. The next morning he reportedly told Dowler: "I hope you don't get hurt. I'm not in very good shape.""

I actually had the privilege of meeting Max about 10 years ago up in Green Bay. My Father and I went up to the game and he was at an appearance at Lambeau before the game. Since my father actually got to see him play I think it meant more to him then to me. Yet I still remember meeting him.

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