November 08, 2007


I made it to Knoxville in plenty of time to have some fun tonight. That is after the first two rentalcars that had check engine lights came on, a stand still accident in Chicago, and having a stand still in Kentucky while the used explosvies to contruct the road. Yea, that's right, they were blasting the road.

Of course I get here to find out that Bloodspite requested a room with one bed. He then advises me he grew up 15 minutes away from where the filmed Deliverence. I'm really glad I brought my .45 with me.

So far we've sampled a lot of the local brew and have started drinking on some of the stuff we brought from home. However he did take me to a hippy joint called "The Mellow Mushroom" for beer and pizza. The pizza was damn good, the beer was hit and miss. Tomorrow we plan on drinking more beer and then on Saturday we are hitting the game. Depending on how things go I plan on blogging interesting things as soon as I can. Unfortunately sobriety and time dictate what I can do.

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Mellow Mushroom has the best pizza crust EVER. If you go back, try the Calzones, they are ENORMOUS.

Posted by: caltechgirl at November 9, 2007 10:17 AM