November 09, 2007

Tennessee day 2

First off let me say this. I snore, I know I snore and I snore badly, but Bloodspite snores like a grizzly being arse raped by a moose. It's loud, it's disturbing, and by god it gave me nightmares.

After realizing that it wasn't some kind of beastial orgy going on in the room, I was able to pull myself out of bed and get ready for the day. Which started with Bloodspite and I heading to Georgia so he could visit with his father and show me some of the sites around were he grew up. Folks, this really is some beautiful country down there, pictures will follow later. Th en after meeting his father and uncle they took me to were the movie Deliverance was filmed. Following that bit we ended up in the ER. Folks, do not be the only northerner arounde a bunch of Georgia boys! Finally we ended up at a gun shop/range to do some shooting... not at the northerner... Were I discovered that Georgia's gun laws rock!

We headed back to the motel were Bloodspite had arranged for a justice of the peace to meet up with Bloodspite's mother and sister and sister's friends. We decided to pick up some beer and discovered that Tennessee sucks! We went to three liquor stores to find beer and each one didn't have anything other then a very piss poor sampling of some so-so beers. When we asked were we could find beer I about lost it when the smart arse store owner told me to go to Citgo. After the third store we ended up going to Wallyworld and just buying some Miller Lite, I was too pissed, annoyed and generally sober to want to continue the hunt for good beer... Fark Tennessee!

Overall it was a good day and I'm looking forward to the game tomorrow. Now if I can only get my wife to understand the new toy I'm bringing home... Georgia gun laws rock!

Posted by Contagion in Bullshite at November 9, 2007 10:55 PM | TrackBack

Sounds like a great time! With the exception of Deliverance... Be careful out there!

Posted by: Richmond at November 10, 2007 02:43 PM

... I beg to differ, sir.... Tennessee does not suck.... far, far from it... you guys just werent looking in the right places for your beers...

Posted by: Eric at November 16, 2007 04:09 PM