December 26, 2007

Nintendo thumb no more...'s been replaced with Wii shoulder. So I bought the family a Wii. We spent a lot of time yesterday playing it. It was a lot of fun, but after bowling as much as I did and playing some of the other games, I noticed my shoulder was starting to ache. At first I thought it was just me, but no KTreva stated that her shoulder and wrists were starting to get sore as well.

When I was younger I remember playing the Nintendo for hours and getting what my friends and I called "Nintendo thumb" That dull ache and stiffness in the thumbs from holding the controller for hours and the pushing of the buttons. As I sat there yesterday I realized that my thumbs weren't sore at all. Nope, not one bit. Mainly because most of the action of the games revolves around the motion of the controller, not the pushing of buttons. After doing all the bowling, tennis, golf, shooting games, extra, my arms felt like I'd given them a steady workout.

On the upside, I did work off the Christmas dinner I made for the family.

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I got that wee shoulder. Maybe it's a mee shoulder. I don't know. Mine isn't from playing video games, it's from holding up those Snap On tools calendars with one hand.

Posted by: og at December 27, 2007 07:18 AM