February 21, 2008

Another day down.

Well, I went to work today. My ID badge let me into the building, so obviously I didn't quit, or if I did they haven't removed me from the system yet. Which would be strange since it takes two months to get someone put into it, but 2 seconds to have them completely removed.

None of the upper management talked to me or looked me in the eye today. Two of my meetings were canceled and a third the upper management didn't attend like they normally do. I think they are hoping that I cool down and give it a couple of days before they approach me again. The problem is that they are making one huge tactical mistake.

I'm not illogically mad. Yes, I'm mad, but I'm not being illogical about it. Every time I went to speak with one of them regarding a decision I had made, they always had someplace they had to be and didn't have time to talk about it or were just gone from their desks. They are handling it in their normal crappy style, if we ignore it or give the problem to someone else, it will go away. I'm sure they figure give me a couple of days to "cool off" and they'll talk to me again.

The problem with this is that again, I'm not illogically mad. Their avoidance of the issue is actually throwing gasoline onto the fire. If they would buck up, act like proper management or even the adults they are supposed to be, I'd at least have some respect for them. This tactic is full of crap. It just pisses me off more.

I'm wondering what tomorrow has to bring.

Posted by Contagion in Tales from the Work Place at February 21, 2008 05:44 PM | TrackBack

Must be something in the air today.

I've got a serious issue with my largest account. He wants to meet with my boss and I to come to terms.

My boss say's this account "isn't enough to waste the drive on".

My largest account.....makes me feel real good.

Oh, and then he said just let the guy go and replace him.....that is rather counter productive in my book.

Frustration. Anger. Just flat out pissed....I know of what you speak.....

Posted by: Tammi at February 21, 2008 07:10 PM

Sounds like you should have stayed on vacation. I'm thinking stay gone at least a month then they'll have to do the work themselves.

Posted by: red at February 22, 2008 07:42 AM