February 22, 2008

Miller Time

This week started off really good. I had just spent the weekend with a group of the greatest guys I've had the pleasure hanging out with. Then I had a day off to "recover" from the fun.

Then I went to work. I walked into a maelstrom of laziness, incompetence and bullshite. On Wednesday I was given the shaft. Iím not going to go into a lot of details, but my company basically told me that Iím not a valuable employee, Iím not appreciated and that what I do is unnecessary to the benefit of the company. When I confronted them on this, they claimed ďThat is not the situation.Ē Yet actions speak louder than words and their actions spoke volumes. I caught them in some ďuntruthsĒ or misinformation. Iím not saying I was directly lied to, but either the powers that be were lied to, are misinformed or misunderstood information given to them.

Then they knew they pissed me off and instead of confronting the situation they avoided it. Pissing me off more. There is nothing that annoys me more than milquetoast management. I had more meetings canceled today; in fact all of my meetings with upper management were canceled. After the last one was canceled, I forced a confrontation by stating I wanted to follow up on our conversation from Wednesday.

We sat down, discussed it and they wanted me to put my feelings and issues in writing for a formal request. After that they questioned my ability to manage my employees and they questioned my ability to continue functioning in the position Iím currently in. Because of that I told them I refused to put it in writing in fear that they were going to use it against me at a later time. That set them on the defense. Denials of retaliation were flying left and right until I pulled out the examples of were they retaliated against me in the past.

I really think my time with this company is coming to an end rapidly. Either voluntarily or involuntarily. I am proud of the fact that in one of the meetings with my peers, after they pushed some of my buttons, I didnít utter the phrase, ďDonít piss me off or Iíll rain fiery death down upon you like the gods of yore.Ē Especially since they have all heard me talk about my mortar and how I could shell the building from a half-mile away. Not that I would actually ever do that or anything else remotely that stupid. Just that I donít know if they would take it as the joke it was meant as right now.

Anyway, Iím getting ready to tear into a couple of cases of beer soon.

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Enjoy the beer...

Posted by: That 1 Guy at February 22, 2008 07:36 PM

Your employees don't know how good they have until you are replaced, then they will be begging to get you back.

Enjoy the day when you can tell them to fuck off.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at February 25, 2008 09:41 AM