March 02, 2008

How stupid are people?

Reality shows, we've all seen one at one time. Some of you may have only seen bits and pieces of them while others are hooked on a dozen or so of them. Either way it's mindless television for the masses. When the writers strike was going on, the only new television were reality shows. They don't need writers or scripting so they could continue to make them.

I'll admit I've watched a couple of them. I was a Survivor fan for many seasons, the last couple have done nothing for me so I quit watching. Occasionally there is another one that comes along and I start watching, like this year. I was bored with re-runs so I turned on The Moment of Truth. The first day watching I told Ktreva, "This show is a divorce waiting to happen." Some of the questions got down right personal and really revealing. Yet, these people would continue to play in order to win money up to $500,000.00.

The premises of the show is that they hook the contestant up to a lie detector prior to the game and ask them a series of True or False questions. During the show they ask them 21 of these questions as the game goes one, as the stakes get higher, the questions get more difficult. If they lie once, they lose all of their money.

In the three episodes I've watched, I've seen people admit to things on national television that really surprises me. Especially since they have their loved ones and friends sitting there watching them. At some point you know that one of these people is going to ruin a relationship by being on this show. What makes it worse in my mind is that the contestants know what they are going to be asked and still go on the show! How stupid or greedy do you have to be?

To prove my point, here is the last three questions asked of Lauren Cleri.

At the Fox site you can see the clip of the questions she was asked, there are quite a few. Even if their marriage was over and she was just looking for the money, why would you admit this to anyone on TV. I mean come on, she's now damaged goods. Would anyone in their right mind want to hire her, or start a relationship with her? The funniest part is that she lost the whole thing when she was asked, "Do you think you are a good person?" and she answered yes, and the detector said no! I want to know what's going on in her peroxided head to believe that, "I lie, cheat, steal and love another man other than my husband, I'm a good person." Actually if it had come up true, it wouldn't surprise me either, it would just prove that she is more selfish and a bigger witch than I already thought she was. At least now I think she feels some remorse for what she did.

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He should have said, "Go for it, win the money, and we'll split it in the divorce."

Posted by: That 1 Guy at March 2, 2008 11:07 AM

Yeah, I usually don't watch that kind of junk, but I happened to catch like the last 10 minutes of that episode while waiting for the show after it to come on.
And yes, I found myself talking to the TV and exlaiming "Wooo! Just threw your marriage away for nothin'. Nothiiiiiing. Good job!"
Although honestly if she was still obsessing over somebody in her past she shouldn't have gotten married in the first place.

Posted by: Shadoglare at March 2, 2008 11:32 AM

I saw commercials for that show and there is no way I'd ever watch even a minute of it. A bunch of idiots who want their 5 minutes of "fame". I'm not even sure it's the money - they want to be on television in front of a national audience. Well, that audience won't be me. If they want to be fools, I'll let others watch them. ICK!

Posted by: Teresa at March 2, 2008 03:11 PM

I want to know why she choose husband over ex-boyfriend cause husband is geeky looking while ex-boyfriend is hunky.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at March 3, 2008 08:38 AM

I only seen that 10 minutes and realized her & her ex deserve each other. If I was to guess her & the ex are already having an affair. Glad she lost she doesn't deserve the husband or the money!

Posted by: red at March 3, 2008 09:42 AM