March 05, 2008

My shame.

Last weekend after helping Bruce move his brand new bed, (Sorry Tammi, not your brand). We headed down to Fritz's for an afternoon of conversation and beer. We hadn't been down there long when I hear Bruce spout off a "Contagion, you want a nipple with that?"

I look and his beer is empty and mine is mostly full. DAMN!

Normally that's the question I end up asking anyone that drinks with me. It was so shocking to hear someone else say that to me. The Bartender D and Fritz both shockingly stated looked down the bar at us and commented on how that, "has NEVER happened before." DAMN!

Then to make matters worse, he did it to me four more times.

I was off of my game. I'd like to say it was because I was sick, but that never stopped me in the past. Maybe it was because I was talking, but I have mastered the drink and talk. I just don't know.

That makes my score 9,723,459,234,598,723,459,872,349,875 to 4

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