March 13, 2008

Rock River Lager

Tonight is another from the gift pack my father gave me for Christmas. Iím actually looking forward to this one, because itís not the Bud Light Chelada from last week. BTW, just so you all know I havenít been able to get the memory of the taste of that crap out of my mouth. BLECH! Anyways, back to tonightís, Tonight Iím reviewing the Rock River Lager Beer by MDII of Rochester NY. The apparently fictitious pseudonym of a larger brewery.

Rock River Lager.jpg

The deliver method was the standard 12 oz brown bottle. The label is off white with the words Rock River crossing it at an upward angle. There is a picture of a river on it, presumably the Rock River. (ED. Note. Iíve lived along the mighty Rock River and have traveled up and down the whole length of it through out my life. Iíve done this by car, canoe and boat. I donít know for sure itís the same river this is named after, but it adds just a bit more of coolness to the beer for me.)

There is a light golden yellow coloring to it. It poured a half inch thick head made of up of large bubbles. In less than 30 seconds the head faded into a film on top of the beer. There was some lacing, but not very much of it.

The scent was weak. What could be detected was malts and what can be described best as a freshly mowed field. Much like the scent, the taste was very weak. All that I could really pick out was a very mild malt flavor. Itís not much different that the mass-produced American light lagers that are on the market. Almost no aftertaste is left after your done drinking

It is a light bodied beer. There is some carbonation that bites on the tongue, but not much else. There is no coating and really nothing that lingers in the mouth.

If you are looking for a nice beer to go with a meal, this would be it. There is not enough flavor to it to alter the taste of the food. It went really well with the gumbo I had for dinner tonight. Overall I give this a 4 out of 10.

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