April 01, 2008

April Fools jokes.

I love April Fools day. I just love pulling pranks on people. Unfortunately, due to past, uh, "incidents" I've been forced to promise that I wouldn't play jokes on certain people anymore. Or because of my position at work, I can't pull anymore on the job pranks. Something about lawsuits and stuff. That being said, I want to give credit to some really good pranks pulled today.

First: The IT department at work. When we all showed up this morning, none of our phones worked except in the customer service arena. We couldn't make or take any calls. This caused people to panic for about an hour. I on the other hand just sat back and laughed. ITG, you guys rock!

Second: Ken DeCoster of Rockford's WNTA 1330 talk radio pulled one on the city. On his talk show, separate of the news portion, he asked people what they thought of the City of Rockford spending Millions of dollars to replace the street signs around the city. They are going to do all of them so they are in English on top and the Spanish equivalent on the bottom. IE if it was Cat Street it would say Calle Del Gato underneath it. He kept this going for hours. I didn't hear the whole thing, only part of it when I went to lunch. I did get to hear him tell everyone it was an April Fools joke however. Ken, I applaud you! At five o'clock tonight they were still talking about it!

Yea, some people are mad over the whole thing, even after it was brought out that it was a joke. To those people, get a life. It was a joke, and funny. Sure my blood boiled, but once he said "April Fools" I cooled off quickly and admitted he got me. It's for fun.

Third: The guy that thought it would be fun to chase his friend way too close. It was hilarious when he slammed on his brakes and you rammed him so hard you both slid into a ditch. Nothing is funnier than two teenage morons playing bumper tag at 70+ miles per hour. Wait, that wasn't an April Fool's joke. Those were just April Fools.

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Funniest one I heard was Cheyenne, WY newspaper played on the entire city.

They (as they do every single year) and whole page of made up stories on AFD, this year was one that said that the city councel passed a law banning all pets.

At the bottom of the story, in big bold letters was April Fools.

Reading the comments, most people didn't read the whole story and the comments are full of nasty comments to the city councel for passing such a law.

Just goes to show you should read the entire article before commenting.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at April 2, 2008 06:42 AM

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