May 17, 2009

Raptor's last game.

Last night was the Raptor's last home game. This time I was going to do it right. Instead of bringing a plastic horn to make noise for the defense. I brought my four foot long brass herald horn. This thing is loud enough that it was drowning out the ref whistles. Think of an air horn off of a train. Not as loud, but pretty damn close.

At first the Raptor's players and coaches sitting in front of me thought it was way too loud. A couple of them where telling me to point it higher. That was until on our first defensive plays I caused the opponents to jump off sides, A false start and a time out. The time out was funny because Milwaukee's quarterback went to talk to his coach and pointed right to me. I'm thinking that I was so loud that it was causing his cadence to screw up.

For the rest of the game, the head coach and the other players kept encouraging me to be as loud as possible during the defensive stands. I even had some of the players come to try and play the horn. I also had a guy from in the stands come down and ask to play it. He was a trumpet player and wanted to see if it was the same. I told him that it was similar. He gave a try and had some success at it.

It was a great game, we won by 30 points.

Today, Ktreva and I stained the front porch. We had though this was going to be a quick job, but it turned into a five hour task. Just some complications, like the original sprayer we bought not working properly. After getting a new one, we finally finished. When we bought the stain we were going to use, it was called redwood. The little tile they had at the hardware store made it look like a brownish red. After we finished the front porch, well it looked like Barn red.

As it started to dry, it darkened up some, but it still looked really red. However, we did like the way it looked. It was just more red than we had expected.

Now this week I have to start getting prepared for the Beer Tasting next weekend. A lot of work, and a short amount of time to get it done in.

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