May 13, 2010

Kalamazoo Stout

Tonight Iím reviewing Bellís Kalamazoo Stout by Bellís Brewery in Comstock, MI. This is one of the beers that I brought back from my trip to Kalamazoo where I was able to spend some good quality time sitting in their Eccentric Cafť in Kalamzoo, MI.

kalamazoo stout.jpg

Bellís uses the standard 12 oz bottle. There is an off white label with a blue boarder around it. At the top of the label is Bellís logo. Below the logo in a line box is a picture of a guy, Iím not sure who that is, but it does almost look like a cartoon zombie. Below the box it states ďStout brewed with brewerís licorice.Ē

There is a dark ebony color to it in the glass. Light doesnít pass through at all. A thick viscous foam head forms when poured. The head fades slowly as the beer is drunk. Along the sides of the glass is a light lacing.

The beer starts with a rich coffee smell. Roasted chocolate malts are quick to follow along with a hint of caramel. The scent is strong, but not over powering. Itís the smell that makes the drinker eager with anticipation to take the first sip. The flavor is a delicious combination of coffee and chocolate malts. The roasted malts present a combination of sweet and bitterness on the tongue. There is a slight bitter burnt taste. If one savors the flavor you can pick up the faint hints of sweet licorice. Not enough to overwhelm the taste, but just a touch to enhance to flavor.
This is a medium to full bodied beer. There is a creaminess to it that coats the mouth and helps hold the flavor in.

This is by far one of the best American Stouts that Iíve had the pleasure of drinking. This is a great beer to sit down with friends and enjoy with friends. Iíve had some really good stouts, but this is by far going to be one of my favorites. I give it 8 out of 10.

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Wonder if they carry this at Logli's...

Posted by: Harvey at May 15, 2010 08:11 PM
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