May 14, 2010

Beer Tasting

The beer tasting is just over two weeks away. Iíve already started gathering beers for it. So far I have 7 out of the ten. I just havenít decided on the final three. This presents one of the two dilemmas that Iím having right now.

The first is that I have four bar cases of beer sitting in my houseÖ and I canít drink a drop of it. Not one single drop. Now if this was say, Bud Light Chelada or Corona, not a problem. I wouldnít want to drink it. But these are beers that I want to try or have tasted in the past and know they are good. This kills me. Yet, I have people that are waiting to sample the enticing elixirs I have procured for them. Thus it would be wrong for me to imbibe of them in solitude without their companionship.

The next issue that Iím having is that Iím holding this on the Saturday of Memorial day. The weather is unpredictable at best. Iíve gotten lucky the last two years and it hasnít rained on me. I just donít know that I want to gamble that itís going to hold out and not rain a third year. Since I am an Eagle Scout, I attempted to take precautions and look for someplace that will let me host the beer tasting indoors. So far what Iím being told is that due to liquor laws, I can book/rent a room at various places, but they have to supply the beer, at their standard markup.

That in and of itself causes a problem. Most of the places I could get a room, donít have the beer selection for me to choose from if I wanted them to supply the beer. Second, even if they did, the price per bottle, especially on a couple that I have, in a bar is going to be in excess of $6 a bottle.

If all else fails, Iíll set up my re-enacting fly and the easy up that I have and weíll all be nice and cozy under there. Itíll give me the excuse to buy the walls for the easy up Iíve been looking for. The worst case scenario is that itíll end up looking like some redneck pavilion.

If you want to attend and havenít contacted me, please do so ASAP. Iím starting to run out of spots.

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Nothing wrong with a redneck pravillion.

Posted by: wil at May 18, 2010 01:58 PM

Yea, except I'm not a redneck.

Posted by: Contagion at May 18, 2010 09:33 PM
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