June 10, 2006

What? No Ernst goes to Camp?

I’ve always been a movie lover. It’s the one thing I miss with having kids, I just don’t get a chance to go see movies anymore. What I do still have time for is looking at movie posters. I’ve always enjoyed a good movie poster. One that gives you an idea what the movie is about and makes you want to drop your hard earned cash , I think the price of movies is up to $10.00 a ticket, not counting the $15.00 small pop and $12.00 small popcorn.

The independent critics have listed what they consider The 100 Greatest Movie Posters of All Time. Some of their selections surprised me, others didn’t surprise me at all. Like the Titanic Poster, stupid poster for a stupid movie, yet because it did so well and every critic on the face of the earth couldn’t send out rave reviews fast enough, it doesn’t surprise me.

This poster surprised me.

1000 convicts and a woman POSTER.jpg

This movie was made in 1971, and I only know that because I wasted the time to look it up. I’ve never heard of this movie, in fact it looks like pr0n. Hell the tag line is, “WHITE MAN...BLACK MAN...every MAN! To TAKE to BREAK or PLAY WITH any way she wished!” Eh, who am I to criticize? I’m still a fan of Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death.

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